Our competitive advantage

Individual and group development

Star Pro Consulting delivers top class international development programs both to groups and individuals since 2005. Our clients are part of the Fortune 500.

All our consultants

  • Capitalize on at least 15 years experience in worldwide renown companies having occupied significant positions of both national and international scope
  • Hold top level certifications issued by the most prestigious institutions
  • Have more that 1.500 hours in executive development
  • Speak English fluently


Our clients are highly loyal. Most of them demand increasingly our services year after year since our creation.


We have a strong grip on measuring results in order to provide a solid ROI to each single development process we conduct. This habit constitutes our way of consistently delivering our competitive advantage in an uneven an saturated market.


Our current clients are willing to recommend us to any potential company that wishes to gather first hand information about our work.